Jordi Moraleda

Freelance or full-time

I am a Senior Full Stack Developer

I love working with state of the art technologies and building top-notch systems in record time

Cutting Edge

Avid to master tomorrow's technology, I invest a lot of time to achieve the most complete toolset to date.

Solid experience

With 10+ years of experience, I have contributed to a wide range of projects. From multinationals to local startups.

User focused

I strive to code high quality components, but nothing of this would matter if it wasn't bound to yield a great User Experience.

I am looking for world-class projects that can make a change

I am involved in the foundation of two companies and have contributed to many different projects. I have developed, integrated, communicated and conceptualized all sorts of ideas. And I have also travelled from the biggest IT company (IBM), all the way to the smallest one (startup). Every one of these projects has allowed me to specialize in new subjects.

Now I am in front of my next step towards world-class projects, and I am open to contribute either as a remote developer or as a freelancer.

Below, I would love to show you a bit of what I have been up to.

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Web development

Tech and skills


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Professional career

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App development

In my view, the most valuable apps are those that engage their users. Beyond utilities and games, apps can provide unrivaled ways to communicate. Research shows that humans don't just communicate with words (7%) but mainly with body language (55%) and voice tone (38%).

Shouldn't the same principles hold true for in-app communication? In my oppinion, apps need to tell much more than just words or pictures. I strongly believe that an app must look great, feel special and provide a fluid experience to create engaging communication channels.

Below is an excerp of mobile apps that I have developed since 2012. It features apps for large trade unions, social discovery networks, outdoor fitness sessions and sports federations.

Web development

The next billion users to join the internet is expected to come from emerging countries. This situation demands, not only beautiful and usable apps. It especially demands lightweight and fully responsive web sites that run fluid on modest devices while shining on higher-end smartphones.

At the same time, blockchains and cryptocurrencies have the potential of banking the unbanked population of many countries in the world, redefining international commerce and lead to more decentralized societies. That's a global challenge that I would like to help achieving.

Right below, is a selection of web sites that I have been working on. It features projects like an interactive (clickable) motion catalog for Stradivarius, a real-time social wall for Mango, a fair trade e-commerce for coffee, an online shop for an international brand, interactive game trainings for healthcare professionals and reporting tools.


With a diverse personal, professional and cultural experience, I feel empowered when working on projects that have the potential of making the world a better place.

The present page is an extended version of my CV. You can get the printable version of my Résumé and the Recommendation Letter by Dmitri Abrashkevich.

I would like to hear a bit from you and your current projects. Do not heasitate to fill the form and get in touch with me. Thank you!